Knitting. The slow click click of needles. A possible blue rinse. Def hair set in curlers and a pleated skirt with matching oversized top.

Hummm… maybe not!

Kate is one cool chick and I am one envious lady when I see her amazing creations. Super soft socks, baby blankets, amazing technicolour sweaters and to die for kiddie leg warmers! I’ve obviously known for a while that knitting has had a revival but I have to say I’ve found it hard to jump on that bandwagon. UNTIL NOW.

I’m practically stalking her great blog www.joanieunravelled.com and it’s safe to say that I’m just ever so slightly excited that she’ll be joining freckles & fire to hold some knit it workshops! We’ll be doing skills sesh every 2 months to help people, like me, get over their knitting fear and also a knit it project over two workshops.

It would be cruel for me to ask my wonderful tutors to describe themselves in two words so here’s a bit about Kate, from Kate!

‘Hi! I'm Kate and I'm a local mum to two scrumptious boys. I learnt to knit shortly after I had my first baby 4 years ago and have been totally addicted ever since. I have a thing for bright, funky yarn and would love it if I could pass on the bug and get you hooked too! I look forward to seeing you at Freckles & Fire and showing you some of the amazing possibilities you can create with a bit of wool and a couple of sticks"