R.E.D for a more real life...

Day 2. The dawn broke yesterday, the clouds delivered a fresh year filled with rain and many of us starting resolutions, detoxes, and life plans.

For me, for the family and for freckles, 2018 is about reassessment and realignment. Working through the mental mind map.

As a runner it would be a waste to see this R.E.D month as a way to just shift some of those added Lindt delights, or help the jeans buttons meet once again. In fact, it would be in direct competition with the campaign.

Each and every run will be spent as a space and time to dwell on those re-word’s, to think about the person I used to be, the person I am now and the person I want to become and the place I want to be. And then figure out how to fill that gap.

In a previous life I had the perfect nails, the desirable handbag, the ironed hair. It was a life filled with stuff, but all that stuff failed to actually fulfil my life.

My journey away from this has been a long time coming, the steps quicken by some wonderful women I have met along the way. The miles pushed on with a daily meditation, a retreat and some back to basic’s life changes.

So, hello day 2. It’s been a good start, but then I am only 26 hours in!