#monthofmake - sun-stallation (finally!)

The need it list

·         table protector

·         card

·         yellow, red, orange paints

·         paint tray (or recycled yogurt pots, margarine boxes etc)

·         spoons or foam brushes

·         cling film

·         cotton wool buds

·         canvas board

·         glue

·         double sided sticky tape or glue dots

·         cotton wool

·         hanging thread (we used left over jersey yarn)

·         tape

The knowhow

So sun-stallation. Here is it! The Boo decided to have a great day and was actually so excited to do this – although he requested that we wait for Bea so that they could craft together – very cute! I had initially thought that this might be a bit too young for her (the grand age of 5) – but actually she really enjoyed it and it worked out to be a nice after school activity where I could then jump between them and the dinner (without the 500 requests for tv time – in fact as soon as they had finished they went and happily played mums and babies for ages!).

So again – this is not the most polished craft but hopefully these tutorials are just giving you some easy creative ideas to at home without heaps of materials and time!

1.       Protect your table with a large cloth (we get ours from pound land as they are really rather good and get used time and time again!). Cut a circle (about the size of a breakfast bowl) out of card – if you are doing this with older ones, get them to trace around the bowl and then cut it out – and then lay a big sheet of cling film directly down onto the table cover with the circle of top.

2.       Get them to spoon various colours onto the card – mixing really doesn’t matter here, it’s all part of the paint fun! You know that saying ‘less is more’? Not here. More is definitely more.


3.       Once enough paint has been added, place another large piece of cling film over the top of the circle and then get them to ‘squish’ it all over, Bea totally mixed her’s together while Boo wanted to only do light taps so that the colours were clear! It’s totally up to them and their creative spirit!!

4.       Once they have finished squishing, get the canvas ready (we brought ours from poundland again!) and pop some glue dots in the top left hand corner. place the circle ontop so that part of it is coming off the canvas. Take away the cling film and replace with the canvas, painted card and some cotton wool buds.

5.       Now starting from the top (or anywhere really!) of the circle get them to draw a line along the painted circle, off and onto the canvas (this will make the sun rays). Do this lots and lots of times!!

6.       Once they are all done with the rays it’s time for a few clouds. Get your little one to glue up at various points around the picture (going over the rays if they wish) and then placing tiny bits of cotton wool onto the glue!

7.       It’s drying time! Ours dried overnight so they actually saw it hung up when they came down for breakfast! Cut the overhand of the circle, grab the yarn or hanging thread – cover with a bit of tape at the back and there you have it – a lovely mid-week, proud-to-have-on-the-wall piece of sun artwork!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Now tomorrow – it’s Saturday. That can only mean one thing, after 5 days of lovely kiddie makes it’s time to have an adult pampering session! This one is inspired by a lovely friend and my absolute love (and mild addiction) to ghost lampshades! All to be revealed tomorrow!