#monthofmake - Creating your own forever flowers

The need it list

·         flowers

·         little hands

·         2 x pieces of tissue paper

·         2 x pieces corrugated cardboard (we used the sides of a delivery box)

·         heavy books

·         two glass sheets (we went to the local poundshop and brought two cheap frames and used the glass sheets from there)

·         glue (we used diamond glaze because we had it in the cupboard but you could use a small dab of pva ) or double sided sticking tape

·         paintbrush or cotton wool bud

·         tweezers

·         washi tape (these are all over the place now – if you’re not in any rush jump onto ebay for an awesome selection)

The knowhow

Honestly I think there is something a little bit special about flower pressing – I don’t know what it is – maybe it feels right to be preserving their utter beauty in time, it rights the wrong of the initial picking somehow!!

So at the moment we don’t have many flowers in the freckles HQ – a project house with little bloom! But we do have a LOT of forget me nots, and actually one of my – I love the simplicity of the flower, how small and powerful they seem with their stunning colours. So, this craft is sooo perfect for us right now – a way to keep their memory of 2017 forever! And what kid doesn’t like flower picking? Although, and I speak from dire experience, set the boundaries – the last thing you want is them picking all the flowers during a visit to the grandparents – really really not good apparently!!

1.       So little hands at the ready,  grab a bowl and get picking! You could get them to pick just the petals or the whole flower and even think about getting some follage – our next press is going to be some ferns, their print is everywhere at the moment! At this point we were talking a lot about the flowers, what they liked about them and why, what made them different from one another, what they needed to make them grow – you get the idea! It made it more into an adventure. Bea decided that if forget me nots had a name they would be called scarlet and would be friends with the daisy’s in the grass as they were similar sizes! sweet!!


2.       Get your books ready (the benefit of being married to a lawyer – there is A LOT of boring and very heavy books in our house!). Place one piece of the cardboard down on top of a book or tray (just so you can easily move it around!), the tissue paper on top and then lay out the flowers. We left a little gap in-between ours to allow the flower to spread.

3.       Now place another piece of tissue paper on top of the flowers, then other piece of corrugated cardboard and then the heaviest (or a selection of books) on top.

4.       And wait. We left ours for about 5 days but forget me nots seem to press quickly. Bigger flowers would take a bit longer.

5.       Once they are all pressed it’s time to get creative! Make sure you clean your glass before starting – fingerprints sitting alongside precious flowers is NOT the point! Dab a spot of glue onto the location you will be placing the flower. Taking the flowers off is a job to do together as it needs to be done super carefully – especially with the small ones! Start at the stem and slowly peel away from the paper (as if you were taking stickers off!). Pop the flower head onto the glue – making sure that the front of the flower is facing you and the back is against the glue).

6.       Once they are all on, let them dry for a little while – about an hour.

7.       Now pop the other sheet on top, making sure you pander to my OCD and align the two layers up perfectly!!  Grab the washi tape and press down on the front, top and other side (you want to make sure that the back piece of washi isn’t longer than the front and therefore show through – we started with the sides just to give us error room!).

8.       Once all the sides are done you can give the glass a quick clean and marvel at their beauty! This make is destined for the little lady's room, I think it goes so well next to her prized trinkets!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Now tomorrow – we’re going to attempt that sun-stallation again. The Boo appears to be in a slightly better place, but let’s be honest – this is a changeable toddler world we live in!