Animal-influenced headwear

The need it list

·         Felt

·         Fabric Pens

·         Gems

·         Glue (we used a fabric glue)

·         Headband

·         Cardboard (or you could use starch to stiffen the felt)

·         Glue gun (you could use fabric glue and let it dry – glue gun is more instant!)

The knowhow

As some of you may know the freckles/parker household is off on a festival trip – this would be filled with a serious amount of schoolgirl excitement IF the Boo was not having a total yogurt-induced meltdown on the floor and Bea had not had a teenager-style strop prior to the dinner. Grrrr….!!

But, the show does go on and another stage is just around the corner, right?? So to focus on this show. In festival spirit Bea requested some fancy dress and ‘something to put on my head’. We don’t lack this kinda stuff but I thought it was an opportune moment for another make! Hence the gem-overload headwear!

1.       Cut the felt into whatever animal your little one requests – Bea went for rabbits, I think influenced from a recent farm visit – lucky it wasn’t a Zoo – not sure I would have stretched to that!! When cutting you want the shape to wrap around the headband, so fold the fabric in half and cut with the fold at the bottom.

2.       Now its decoration time – we went for pens and gems (not because they rhyme obv!), Bea had a high old time with the pink gems (not overly surprising!), and spent ages making her extra special! When using the glue I got her to use cotton wool buds (easy to throw after) to apply the glue to the felt and then add the gem on top. Obviously any penning should happen first!

3.       Insert drying time – over night or through the middle of the day really. To stiffen (and take the rather hefty weight of the gems), I added some cardboard in-between the two ear flaps. I secured these with a little bit of glue from the glue gun and then, when that was dry, glued around the edges of the felt shape and cardboard (making sure there is a good amount on the bottom flap that secures to the headband) and wrapped around the headband.

The awesome thing about this project? Minimal mummy effort, maximum kiddie fun. That sounds like my kinda craft (in fact I even managed to have a nice shower, exfoliate and apply some getting-festival-ready fake tan!).

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!