Collective clay creation

The need it list

·         Air dry clay

·         Cookie cutter (we obv went with the star. Bea obv argued for the heart)

·         Acrylic paints

·         Paint brushes

·         Paint tray (or recycled yogurt pots of course – waste not want not and all that!)

·         Table covering (ESSENTIAL in our house)

·         Straw

·         Stick

·         Yarn or thread

The knowhow

Now I am not sure if you remember – or even if you read it – but a few makes ago we talked about air dry clay and how unbelievably awesome it is! The kids love playing with it and I can always find some use for it!

So here we have it another make centred around this brilliant clay stuff!

1.       If your little one is a hands-in kinda kid this is a brilliant step! Break off a clump of clay and get them rolling it about and warming it up. The roll it out as well as you can. Thinking about your surface here – you don’t want to do this on an oil skin cloth or something – it will make a pattern at the back and leave a residue that I am not 100% convinced will be the best eating place for dinner time! The clay comes off really easily once dry, so we normally just do it on the table!

2.       Once they have had fun rolling and pressing it’s time for the cookie cutter – not explanation needed really. Press and cut! Now find something (we used a straw) to place a hole in the top and bottom of the shape.  Place the shapes onto a window sill, tray or something that it will easily dry overnight. And leave. Clean up those whiter than white hands!!!  You may need to turn the shapes over mid dry to get the air to the other side.

3.       So, all dry and ready for painting! I loved the fact that Bea and Boo did this together – both of them happily spent 30 minutes or so, painting away, creating their own little designs to bring together! I could hear Bea explaining to Bea about different shapes and patterns – super cute and great bonding time for them and dinner cooking time for me!

4.       The paints (if you are using acrylic) should dry fairly quickly so the next step doesn’t mean too much waiting! Tie the bottom of a shape to the top of another, we did 4 sets of 3 stars and 1 set of 2 stars to hang in the middle. Mixing both of the guy’s creations so it really was a collection creation! I got Bea to do some of the threading and Boo then had a go – good motor skill development I like to think!!

5.       Attach yarn to the top of the top shape and then attach this to the stick. With another long piece of yarn or thread tie a knot in one end and then a knot in the other with the other end of yarn to create a hanger.

And you are done, dilly, done, done. I honestly love the fact that these guys have created this together and they are both super proud of it!! Now – to get this project house sorted so that I can find somewhere nice to hang it rather than blue, paper stripped walls!!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!