#monthofmake - clay keepsake

The need it list

·         air dry clay

·         rolling pin

·         cookie cutter

·         pencil

·         thread

·         pva glue or mod-podge

·         paintbrush

·         magpie stuff – we’re talking shells, buttons, beads, jems etc


The knowhow

So our two monkeys are like magpies – literally anything of the sparkly, dainty, pink kind gets picked up and put in a special place – this generally constitutes a bag or purse tucked up somewhere in her bedroom in and around the bed (for I’m not tired and not going to bed sorting!).

They both adore collecting bits and pieces and I always found it a shame that these memories slowly got lost over time and those oh-so-precious items to be forgotten! This little make will collect them and allow them to be on show for years to come! We did this after school as it takes place in two parts and each part is quite short so perfect for a bit of mid-week crafting!

1.       Break off a clump of clay and get them rolling it out and having a bit of a play. If this is the first time you have worked with clay with your little one be prepared for them to LOVE it! I don’t know whether it’s the smell or the dirty hands that will ensue but pretty much all kids that I do this with adore it!

2.       Once it is about 2cm thick grab hold of the cookie cutter – obviously you can use any shape (dinosaur is next on our list!) but remember it cannot be used again for food!! Get them to press and cut the shape out.

3.       Now it’s time for the treasure decorating! Transfer shape to a paper plate, piece of foil or something that it can stay on while it drys. We broke up the shells to make them smaller bits (make sure you put them in a sandwich bag or something similar to do this). Let them explore different patterns, using some items to print patterns in the clay – but make sure if they are going to be put in there for good they are pushed down far into the clay for security! Make sure you pop a hole in the clay for hanging later on (if you forget this bit then don’t panic – just glue a piece of thread to the back of the clay once it is all dry and ready for hanging!

4.       Now it’s time for the clay to dry. It’s gonna need a little while, 24 hours, and be placed somewhere nice and warm.

5.       Once dry you will need to apply a layer of glue over the top – this will just secure all those pieces of treasure This now needs a bit more drying time.

6.       Attach thread and pic your hanging place of choice!

Ta-da! treasure encased forever!!! And the left over clay? We use for all sorts of creative purposes – present gift tags, making mini toadstools, Christmas decorations – it’s a long lovely list of makes! Just wrap it securely in cling film and it will last some time!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Now tomorrow – we’re going to do our own form of sun dance with a limited mess sun-stallation pic!