Perfectly perfect peg hanger

The need it list

·         Pegs

·         Americana acrylic paint (Hobbycraft always has a great colour selection)

·         paint brush (poundland, poundland, poundland!)

·         pots (we used shot glasses from poundland!)

·         PVA glue (see the above store, where would our craft cupboard be without it?)

·         Glitter

·         Bakers twine or old picture frame (we used this to create an awesome noticeboard!)

The knowhow

If your little ones are anything like ours, then school and nursery pick-ups mean hands and arms constantly filled with a serious amount of mark-making drawings, finger paintings and creative sticking! In fact, the large pile has got a little out of control recently and it’s always felt a bit of a shame that the these much-loved masterpieces don’t really see much light (but don’t get us wrong – we have ‘the week’ cupboard where things are ‘filed’ and if not mentioned again within that week, get ‘archived’ into the big council pick up once a fortnight…

But we thought a cool craft to get your little ones creating their own peg wall hanger or notice board for those MUST-DARN-WELL-NOT-DROP-THIS-BALL invites, letters and pretty pictures!!

1.       First job – cover your area and your kid! We like to layout all the colours for them to make their own selection and colour combinations with.

2.       So, onto the first layer of paint. If you are using the Americano paint it will dry pretty quick, by the time you have finished the first peg should be dry. Then it’s onto the second ‘design’ layer – they can just dab the paint or you could get all creative with a toothpick and use this to make marks (think bakewell tart!) in the second layer. You still want to see the first layer so try to encourage the creative artist that less is more in this step!!

3.       It’s possible you may need a bit of drying time here. We like to encourage a bit of tidy-up time (‘you choose it, you use it, you put it away’ is a constant mantra in our house!). NB – this doesn’t always work!!

4.       Now it’s the glitter and glue time. Be warned. This will be messy. Like the second layer, less glue is more here – you want to be able to see the designs underneath. Then it’s the sprinkling of the sparkly stuff - you could suggest that not all the pegs have glitter covering them and maybe only 3 got sparkle treatment (we tried this and failed – the two monkeys are OBSESSED with glitter!).

5.       When you are all done glittering and it has finally dried pop another layer of glue over the top (best to leave over-night) – this will help secure the glitter and stop it spreading its glittery love all over the house for the next 10 years!

6.       You are there! All you need to do now is thread the twine through the peg hole and then secure it with either some glue, tape or even a glue dot. There are other options though – you could make a notice board out of your peg designs – grab a frame (charity shop finds or bootfairs are an excellent source of frames!), remove the glass and then either paint of put fabric on the frame board and then superglue the peg to them.

And there we have it! Another week of #monthofmake complete – and it’s the weekend calling! Now – tomorrow I may have to squeeze in some of my own making time…

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!