Festival feather facewear!

The need it list

·         Foam sheets (from you guessed it – ze land of pound!!)

·         fabric flowers – or any form of flower power decoration

·         feathers

·         gem stickers (see first bullet for the source!)

·         Scissors

·         glue dots (yep. Poundland again)

·         Glue gun (optional)

·         pencil

·         ribbon


The knowhow

This is a brilliant craft. Not only because the little lady sat for a good 30 minutes perfecting the creation. Not only because it got her looking at repeat patterns, mirror imaging and all those important learning things. But because she ROCKS this festival look!

I love it beyond and it will definitely be going in the forever box to marvel at when she is older!

1.       Cut out a mask shape from the foam sheet. DO NOT worry about making this anywhere near perfect – it’ll be covered in no time!!! Make eye holes and then use your willing assistant to make them bigger. Make sure you make the mask a good size – you’ll need quite a bit of creative space!

2.       Make a hole either side and attach the ribbon. We added a bit of glue from the glue gun to secure it in place and also used two pieces of ribbon to tie round the back.

3.       Grab a cupper, and maybe a magazine and let your little one get seriously creative! We went with big flowers first and then added the smaller ones!

4.       When it comes to glue dots, the best way to attach it to lay the flower onto the dot whilst it is still on the roll and then peel the flower off with the glue dot. We gave the feathers a bit of additional glue gun support!

And that’s a creative wrap! How easy is this one? I think these will be worn all weekend long!!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!