Marble people...

The need it list

·         Card people (or of course you can use this to make awesome thank you cards!)

·         Shaving foam (NOT gel!)

·         Food colouring

·         Water

·         Paint tray (or yogurt pots – minus the yogurt!)

·         Pipette (or you could use a paintbrush and splatter. However get on ebay and grab some inexpensive pipettes and reuse!)

·         Metal tray (we get ours – three for £1 from ze poundland – wash them up and use time and time again!)

·         Tooth pick or kebab skewer

·         Ruler

·         Old towel


The knowhow

This is one of the most surprising crafts I have ever done! The kids love it, they hardly ever bore of it and it is a great way to get them enthused about doing mountains of thank you cards!! Today though we opted for people – I think we are going to make them into garland of some description!

1.       Get your little one to shake, shake, shake the foam bottle! Once all shaken up spray long (fairly thin) layers of foam onto the metal tray.

2.       Pop the food colouring into the tray or pots and add a little water to dilute it (the more you add the more opaque the result will be). Mix it up.

3.       Now is the fun part! Get them to put little droplets of colour all over the foam. This is a bit of an art form and obviously a bit tricky for the young ones but, practice makes perfect and it is really good at working those motor skills!

4.       Once they have all coloured up, it’s time to grab that stick and run it horizontally and vertically along the foam. I think this bit is a bit like cake icing!!

5.       Place your person or card down and with light fingers tap it down (you want to make sure the foam and colouring gets on it but the person is not drowned!).

6.       Lift it off and place on top of your towel, foam side up. Grab your ruler and, pressing quite hard, run from top to bottom, removing all the foam to reveal the AWESOME marbling!

HOW cool is that! Marble obsession. Complete.

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

Tomorrow – we are going on a yarn adventure with some felting I think… And this one promises to be nice and clean!