Garden decorating days!

The need it list

·         Fabric

·         Sticks

·         Glue gun (or fabric glue)

·         Scissors

The knowhow

So yesterday was a weird one… How hot could it actually be? I started the day with the kids (and me!) in jumpers, woollen socks and jeans and by lunch I was applying sun cream, stripping the Boo off and reaching for the sunnies!! It felt a bit wrong to be marbling inside when all we wanted to do was be outside – so we reverted plans and started on our summer garden!

Now, as you are aware by now we live in a project house – this means that pretty much everything is a state! However, I so desperately want the garden to have a magical, whimsical feel for the kids to play, imagine and explore – so we cracked open the fabric stash and got making! First up fabric flags…

1.       Cut rectangles about 40 cm long and 15 cm high. if you worried about fabric direction you want it to be running across the length of your piece. I gave my cuts a bit of a press at this point to smarten them up (ironic really that I am ironing this when NOTHING else in the washing basket gets ironed!!)

2.       Fold in half wrongside together horizontally – so that you end up with a fold at one end of the rectangle and two open ends at the other – it should now measure about 20 cm long and 15 cm high). Now fold vertically, and cut on an angle from the bottom right to top left – make sure this is at the open end (so NOT on the fold).

3.       Open it up and grab your stick, place it in the fold. I use a glue gun for most things (if you don’t own one it will TRANSFORM your creative life!!!) and this is no exception! Run the glue around the wrongside of the fabric and over the stick. Carefully line up the flag points and press down to seal.

4.       Once all the flags have been done, I gave it all another press and used some starch to stiffen the fabric a little. FLAG COMPLETE! Now down to garden with more fabric scraps we go….

5.       I have wanted to create a ribbon tunnel for ages, I knew the kids would love it as it leads into their play area, and last year I planted a couple of Jasmine plants on a garden arch – so had the perfect spot! If you don’t have an arch, you can always create the same look by just tying on tree branches. I do this for parties and it looks amazing – you would be surprised how something so small can look so amazing and keep kids SOOO entertained!!

6.       Your little ones can help with this job - cut a long piece of fabric or netting, ours were about 2 meters. Then at the top make a snip in the fabric about 5 cm in from the edge. Now get ripping! I don’t know what it is about ripping fabric but the kids loved it – keeping them happy for at least 15 minutes! Keep on repeating until you have a nice bundle.

Look at those toddler knees!!!

Look at those toddler knees!!!

7.       Tie onto your arch or tree, pop the flags into the floor and admire! All you need now is some bubbles for some awesome garden fun (it’s no surprise that I am going to point you in the direction of poundland for the bubbles!!! Not only great value but my goodness, great quality!!).

I feel all summer-ready with this now – shame that there appears to be rain on the horizon today… HOW annoying!!

We’d love to see if you made this – just use the hashtag #monthofmake and tag us on Instagram (@freckandfire) so we can marvel at your makes!

So SATURDAY!! Whoop!!! I’m thinking it might have to be pizza making with the kiddies – it is the weekend after all!!