Can humans change humanity?

We’re a curious species don’t you think?

Each and every one of us is unique. Unique in our appearance, our DNA, our mental make-up and our approach to living and life. I guess that’s what makes some of us saints and others serial killers.

There are many individuals through history, who are notable, memorable, celebrated and feared. These are individual humans. One person. However good, bad or ugly their actions – they are the manifestation of their unique being. Their impact made up of their actions and their doing.

So if it comes down to actions, then surely we can, if we commit to it, individually make a difference and then, ever so slightly possibly, collectively change humanity?

So actions. Simple, silly stuff we each do, every day. Probably without thinking.

The person waiting at the side of the road for the traffic to slow. The car waiting in long traffic for someone to let them out. The struggling mum just desperate for the smile of reassurance rather than the look of disapproval, the heavy commuter hoping for a helpful hand.

These things aren’t hard and may not set the world alight, but they may change that person’s minute, their hour or day. They cost nothing and take little time. Imagine if we all conditioned ourselves to look out for these simple silly moments and then made an individual difference, could that potentially make Tunbridge Wells a happier place to be and live? If we managed that, could the ripple effect begin and slowly people collectively began to change humanity?

Change doesn’t need to be big. It doesn’t need to be policy-driven or politically enhanced. It can simply be about humanity, treating people the right way, caring about their soul and their feelings. Let the politicians play at politics while humans improve humanity.

One simple step at a time.

The point of this month’s mindless musing? What do I want you to take away from these words or this mind dump? Make humanity your issue. You don’t need to be a crusader, you don’t need to worry about changing the world – we can actually change someone else’s experience, feelings and mood by very simple steps.